Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday, 28th

I'm sitting on the curb and drinking my ice coffee, I hear two guys talking, and I'm not really paying any attention. Two or three minutes later, a girl who works there comes outside to sweep the ground or some shit. Those two guys who were talking get up and one of them started to walk away, to his car I assume. The other one comes up to the girl and...:
-Would you mind me asking for your number?
-I'm sorry, but I cant give out personal information at work. 
He gives her a tiny piece of paper with his number on it. Smiles and walks away. The girl looks at me, and I just kinda smirk. 
-Should I call him?
-Do you have a boyfriend?
-Yes.. but (pause).
-Call him, he will be happy.
-You think so?
-Hey, I'm just a random guy who's sitting on a curb, what do I know?
-I think you do.. (at that moment, I realize why I even said anything at first. This girl remind me of emily! My old friend, who's the most interesting person ever.)
-You will know, maybe he is your future husband.
She laughs.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
She goes back inside.
On my ride back home, I am thinking that I might of just made two people happy, or at least one, for a little bit..I never had that kind of conversation with anybody, and I'm thinking "why the fuck did I just say all of that stupid shit?" I'm not sure. I have a feeling she is going to call him and go out on a date. He seems like a nice guy. They will be happy... I feel weird because because I'm cheering for "I don't know you" person, and I am totally fine with it. I guess I'm becoming less of an asshole. 
Five minutes later, some fucker almost smashes into me, I wish he would crash. Back to normal I guess..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So over Clark, I've been going there for almost two years now. This new quarter brought too many people to the campus, and old folks hate it. I was excited for the game room, but it turned out to be crap, wii(I'm not even sure if they got one) and some board games, cool chairs? Fuck that shit, some fucks occupied it anyways. Speech classes blow, why? Because we have to talk and talking is nerve-wracking. Organic Chem. looks interesting but I need to force myself to like it. 
Me and Kenz have the most badass House parties ever, House the tv show that is... it just brightens my day. Heroes kinda sucked on monday, not expecting it to be any good, makes me really sad because it was a great concept but went to the pooper!

Depressing season have started, but it never really ended to be honest. Things got better tho, don't get me wrong, there are some nice things currently going for me. Getting new bike makes me happy, also the certain somebody makes me smile, and we all know who that is. Blah blah you are not getting all the cute shit is this blog post! New google phone looks kinda decent, might get on that pie in October.
(I am kinda short with my posts, sorry)
I love you,

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I fell in love with this one kitty at humane society today. I hate myself so much now... He is 4 months old, white vneck, white paws (big cute fuzzy paws), and a little white mustache! He was jumping all over places, it was so ------- adorable. I really wish my mom did not hate pets, I mean it's just a cat! Not like an alligator or a dog, but whatever,  who cares. I told her that the only thing I want for my birthday was to go with me to the humane society and JUST look at them, but the answer was no...
Kenzbenz got two kitties! They are sooooooo adorable, one looks like a raccoon but with inverted colors, the other one is gray and sooo tiny, but super active. All the happiness shit goes to her family! YAY! Don't hate me ha

Lets move onto some other likings and whatnot.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


You, fox

Ready? This is the sad one... I realized that I hate birthdays. They are fun, yes, but I always felt weird on that "special" day, it always been the same, no parties, just some friends and my mom and her friends. Most of the gifts are money, the most inconsiderable present to give in my opinion. Hey I'm too lame to figure out or just to ask what should I get for you, so I'm just giving you money. Thanks people, I love you -_-. This will be the same kind of birthday, everybody is probably going to be busy and shit. All holidays make me sad haha, everyone is happy, sorry I'm a lame person and you are reading this and thinking "jeeze, he is a sad panda". Well, thank you, I am indeed. Err most of the time. 

I need to go outside and take photos, but I'm out of ideas, I need to go to new places, close to here. I need a partner, be mine?

Impossible wish list (you hate me, I know):
Iphone, white
Sigur Ros ticket(s)
New screen
New lens(es)
Chemistry knowledge
Trip to B.C.
New headphones

and so on.....

cool shit

Friday, September 5, 2008

I think

I'm kind of done with photography. I mean, I love it, absolutely love it and I really wish I could do that for a living but I know I can't, I am simply not good enough for it. My mom told me today that I failed at life and that I am going to be nobody. I know she is saying that because she is mad about my grades, but maybe she is right. Who knows.... I am sorry to people who looked at my stuff on flickr and everything, thank you so much! I guess I'm not gonna upload much, but I'll try my best. I am still on planning doing an "empty Clark" series, photos of Clark without any people... Today was a really hard annoying frustrating day, I'm building a supportive wall in my backyard, every brick wights a ton, go figure right? 
You know what, I am glad you are here, you make me feel more, how do I say this......not secure not content (I mean all of that) but more like stable? I know you will listen to me, any time. Who else's face I can lick really? You are cute, funny, and smart. I can call you names, and you will get mad  at me but you know I'm kidding. You actually like me, for some weird reason! I just wanna thank you, for all of it. <3