Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Assholes. Today, it took me around 20 shitty minutes to find a parking spot at Clark, it's the most ridiculous thing ever. Then I had to peel oranges for my organic lab, I hate the smell of peeled oranges.
I haven't been to brewed for a while now... improvement I guess. but I do miss it. 
In every single fucking class I have at least 2 or 3 russians, you know, those asswipes types. They only pick between hollister, aeropostole, or the asshole leather (fake leather) jackets, plus some uglyfuck boots.

Moment of silence for Scott..... =[
I'm sorry man, it sucks dick to lose your camera.

I really don't get why people ask you "just okay?" when you say you are okay. It not like you supposed to be happy or sad every single day? Goddamn people! 
I really miss Haley, soon soon! 

If you didn't like max payne, that's your problem, it wasn't horrible or amazing, you can't really compare it to something else. Marky Mark is still cool dammit! He even talks to animals.
Starting a movie blog with Kenz soon, its gonna be interesting... I was going for team name: poop duo, but then I would definitely make too many poop jokes.

Excited for nothing, life rulez mang, so happiez. Just kidding. ha      ha        ha


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