Sunday, August 24, 2008


Yea, I'm on Maui. It's really pretty and cool and everything but just not for me you know? I digg the beaches and the palm trees but can't really stand other things. Btw, Hawaiians are lazy, oh hate me.....

I don't think this post should be about my vacation on the pretty island but more about ummm, how can i say this.... more about lameness of my life? Maybe it is not lame but it's something that I don't like. 
Fuck you trust, yea fuck you. Why are you even there, it's not like you just let me live peacefully or bringing me to a complete madness, you bitch, have to stay somewhere in the middle. Why do you never backfire at me, oh wait, maybe because I'm a decent loving fucking person eh? Wait, maybe yea I'm an asshole, but the one who you know you can trust, what can I possibly do? Nothing
This hot messy stew is being cooked in my brain, requiring new ingredients which I make up, but they are so unreasonable, so egoistical, so selfish, but I can't stop it. It is not like one of those addictions kinda "can't stop it" things, because I can stop those! something more deeper and more involving the lameass brain.
So, I don't know why I wrote this, and I hope a specific somebody won't read this because then I will be a selfish asswipe


Friday, August 22, 2008


So, should I consider myself a hip cock? I rolled up my jeans, wearing a plaid shirt, typing this blog on a macbook and just got a copy of wire? Dammit assholes! It's all your fault. I'm sitting at the pdx and using this free wi-fi which is pretty slow.... and there's an asian lady right in front of me drinking her starbucks frap with annoying as fuck noise. I got 4 hours of sleep tonight tho, and I feel tired, poop.  Hawaii if 7 hours.....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I'll be doing 100 pushups easily in about 5 weeks -_-. My arms are sore as fuck because I never workout. 
It sucks not finding people to shoot, even for free =/, somebody needs to hook me up with people! haha. I need some money for new lenses and other stuff.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday, 17th

Went to Vancouver waterfront today with Haley, she's always fun. You know, felt like those really good friends hangouts.

Today was kind of weird, I felt bad for some stuff but maybe it was reasonable, in my eyes that is. I'm sorry tho! People need to trust people and I need to learn that, Especially trusting somebody who you like and don't want to let go. We all need to grow and evolve into something more thoughtful, on many many levels. Why people don't "grow up" together? Is it because then they would know too much about each other? Probably, but why not try, people like to give up before they even start. Anywaysss! Red (Amanda) is like the best thing about all of California, not because she's nice but because I can't weird her out, well no, I can weird anybody out! Weak, I know

Oh Hey, this is my third post already, crazy stuff <3

dead funny

I always loved those people who laughed when they are having hard time, you know, those people who are trying to make jokes but you know they are shit-sad. I think it is one of the most interesting way to deal with problems not because some people think it's immature but because in most cases, its twice as hard to act that way and not be just sad. I try to be funny when I'm sad or upset and just pissed off, why? Because I don't know any other way, parents didn't teach me the right way, what is the right way anyway? Crying your shit out? well probably, but yeahh... Most of the times I don't really make any sense because I don't have a well built complex mind like other "interesting" people. And before I wrote this, I was commenting a girl and talking about space, HA!

First words

So, I guess this is the beginning of my blog, it's 1:12am. I'm mark and sometimes I'm an asshole, but an asshole with a brain. Some people know me from myspace and some from flickr. I will try to post new photos on here and talk about different stuff.