Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Come join my late night posts club.
I've been diggin Astronautalis lately, he's from Seattle, really good at freestyle, check out his myspace and stuff. Focusing more on school now, it is kind of "fun" now, even tho it's still bullshit. Can anybody tell me why the fuck all "those" "russians" wear those uglyass dress shoes with EVERY single piece of clothing they have? Why, is it some weird fucking style they got, that nobody else understands? So annoying and ugly, oh also they look like a bunch of dicks. If you are one of them, please hit me in the face next time I'm around!
Number 13 is not a lesbo, and I am not watching house next week. I am already frustrated about this weeks episode. Fringe can go into pooper. 
Well now, I'm gonna go and happily live my awesome single life with my awesome self, filled with all kind of dickery, jealousy, and love! (last one was totally sarcastic) right?


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