Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bullshit two final weeks. I realized people talk about themselves too much, I mean its all good but you don't have to give me every detail of your life. If I wanted that, then you would be my wife. I try not to talk about myself. Apparently I have sandpaper face, which could be good to defend myself and shit, I guess? I want to edit photos but plainly don't have time. I, I, I, IIIIIII, lets you Mark. Mark is an asshole because he assumes that one girl on friday night at brewed means she's intentionally unhappy, and purposefully didn't have any plans, or just hate her friends. Mark needs to see his friends more. Mark needs to, you know, trust. Moms love Mark. Panera is the place to scope out hot as gay guy weiners MILFs. 

Thank you Haley and Kenzi for inviting Mark to wonderful dinners, it was grand.


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