Sunday, August 24, 2008


Yea, I'm on Maui. It's really pretty and cool and everything but just not for me you know? I digg the beaches and the palm trees but can't really stand other things. Btw, Hawaiians are lazy, oh hate me.....

I don't think this post should be about my vacation on the pretty island but more about ummm, how can i say this.... more about lameness of my life? Maybe it is not lame but it's something that I don't like. 
Fuck you trust, yea fuck you. Why are you even there, it's not like you just let me live peacefully or bringing me to a complete madness, you bitch, have to stay somewhere in the middle. Why do you never backfire at me, oh wait, maybe because I'm a decent loving fucking person eh? Wait, maybe yea I'm an asshole, but the one who you know you can trust, what can I possibly do? Nothing
This hot messy stew is being cooked in my brain, requiring new ingredients which I make up, but they are so unreasonable, so egoistical, so selfish, but I can't stop it. It is not like one of those addictions kinda "can't stop it" things, because I can stop those! something more deeper and more involving the lameass brain.
So, I don't know why I wrote this, and I hope a specific somebody won't read this because then I will be a selfish asswipe


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Glenn Landberg said...

i love the crop on the photo.

Message... not so in love with, hope it works out man. you have to trust.