Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday, 17th

Went to Vancouver waterfront today with Haley, she's always fun. You know, felt like those really good friends hangouts.

Today was kind of weird, I felt bad for some stuff but maybe it was reasonable, in my eyes that is. I'm sorry tho! People need to trust people and I need to learn that, Especially trusting somebody who you like and don't want to let go. We all need to grow and evolve into something more thoughtful, on many many levels. Why people don't "grow up" together? Is it because then they would know too much about each other? Probably, but why not try, people like to give up before they even start. Anywaysss! Red (Amanda) is like the best thing about all of California, not because she's nice but because I can't weird her out, well no, I can weird anybody out! Weak, I know

Oh Hey, this is my third post already, crazy stuff <3


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have a blog now. Whatever you have to say is always interesting.

And I feel sooo special to be mentioned in this one haha. =)


kenz said...

you, my friend, are an intellectual ;)