Saturday, October 11, 2008

Come save me. Make me love you like we love our families, will all the respect in the world. Care for me. Appreciate what I have done and also what I will do. Love me for my assholness, negativism, and hatred. Love me for all the creepiness and disregard for some social norms. Love me for my photography. Love me in the way that I never been loved. Just be there, always, without any excuses. Hate with me, and hate on me. Listen to music, watch movies, enjoy walks, love driving, make silly mistakes, make me appreciate you for what you are doing to me. 
One day, one day it all will come.

Tomorrow, no excuses, doing it and forgetting about all the awkwardness. Don't care for results, but actually really do..

Only Kenz takes photos of me now...


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