Thursday, September 11, 2008


You, fox

Ready? This is the sad one... I realized that I hate birthdays. They are fun, yes, but I always felt weird on that "special" day, it always been the same, no parties, just some friends and my mom and her friends. Most of the gifts are money, the most inconsiderable present to give in my opinion. Hey I'm too lame to figure out or just to ask what should I get for you, so I'm just giving you money. Thanks people, I love you -_-. This will be the same kind of birthday, everybody is probably going to be busy and shit. All holidays make me sad haha, everyone is happy, sorry I'm a lame person and you are reading this and thinking "jeeze, he is a sad panda". Well, thank you, I am indeed. Err most of the time. 

I need to go outside and take photos, but I'm out of ideas, I need to go to new places, close to here. I need a partner, be mine?

Impossible wish list (you hate me, I know):
Iphone, white
Sigur Ros ticket(s)
New screen
New lens(es)
Chemistry knowledge
Trip to B.C.
New headphones

and so on.....

cool shit

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Haley Lynne said...

My goodness, you are an expensive child. I want to get you something cool (i.e. not money) for your birthday. So know that I am trying. =)