Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I fell in love with this one kitty at humane society today. I hate myself so much now... He is 4 months old, white vneck, white paws (big cute fuzzy paws), and a little white mustache! He was jumping all over places, it was so ------- adorable. I really wish my mom did not hate pets, I mean it's just a cat! Not like an alligator or a dog, but whatever,  who cares. I told her that the only thing I want for my birthday was to go with me to the humane society and JUST look at them, but the answer was no...
Kenzbenz got two kitties! They are sooooooo adorable, one looks like a raccoon but with inverted colors, the other one is gray and sooo tiny, but super active. All the happiness shit goes to her family! YAY! Don't hate me ha

Lets move onto some other likings and whatnot.

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