Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So over Clark, I've been going there for almost two years now. This new quarter brought too many people to the campus, and old folks hate it. I was excited for the game room, but it turned out to be crap, wii(I'm not even sure if they got one) and some board games, cool chairs? Fuck that shit, some fucks occupied it anyways. Speech classes blow, why? Because we have to talk and talking is nerve-wracking. Organic Chem. looks interesting but I need to force myself to like it. 
Me and Kenz have the most badass House parties ever, House the tv show that is... it just brightens my day. Heroes kinda sucked on monday, not expecting it to be any good, makes me really sad because it was a great concept but went to the pooper!

Depressing season have started, but it never really ended to be honest. Things got better tho, don't get me wrong, there are some nice things currently going for me. Getting new bike makes me happy, also the certain somebody makes me smile, and we all know who that is. Blah blah you are not getting all the cute shit is this blog post! New google phone looks kinda decent, might get on that pie in October.
(I am kinda short with my posts, sorry)
I love you,