Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday, 28th

I'm sitting on the curb and drinking my ice coffee, I hear two guys talking, and I'm not really paying any attention. Two or three minutes later, a girl who works there comes outside to sweep the ground or some shit. Those two guys who were talking get up and one of them started to walk away, to his car I assume. The other one comes up to the girl and...:
-Would you mind me asking for your number?
-I'm sorry, but I cant give out personal information at work. 
He gives her a tiny piece of paper with his number on it. Smiles and walks away. The girl looks at me, and I just kinda smirk. 
-Should I call him?
-Do you have a boyfriend?
-Yes.. but (pause).
-Call him, he will be happy.
-You think so?
-Hey, I'm just a random guy who's sitting on a curb, what do I know?
-I think you do.. (at that moment, I realize why I even said anything at first. This girl remind me of emily! My old friend, who's the most interesting person ever.)
-You will know, maybe he is your future husband.
She laughs.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
She goes back inside.
On my ride back home, I am thinking that I might of just made two people happy, or at least one, for a little bit..I never had that kind of conversation with anybody, and I'm thinking "why the fuck did I just say all of that stupid shit?" I'm not sure. I have a feeling she is going to call him and go out on a date. He seems like a nice guy. They will be happy... I feel weird because because I'm cheering for "I don't know you" person, and I am totally fine with it. I guess I'm becoming less of an asshole. 
Five minutes later, some fucker almost smashes into me, I wish he would crash. Back to normal I guess..

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