Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Brand New

Listening to them, you know what that means.... Fucking dipshipballs

This guy was sitting by the fountain reading his sociology book, he looked cute (not gay), wearing dark jeans and a thirt, little bit scruffy but it fits really well. He caught my attention because he wasn't looking around, just paying attention to his book. So he must be interesting...
Probably five minutes have past and a really cute girl is walking by. Wearing white flats, regular jeans, and just some tshirt, she looks shy but I guess it could be the future that people like about her. The girl walks by the guy, and this guy raises his head, and says to the girl: "You are really cute.." She slows down and looks at him and says hi. You could tell she's surprised, but excited?
-Do I know you?
-No, I don't think so
-Why do you think I'm "cute"?
-Because instead of listening to Castro, I look at you..
-I'm serious.
-Well, what's your name?
-Chris, yours?
-Nice to officially meet you I guess?
-Haha, you too.
-So, maybe your number?
-Okay. (He gives her his phone)
-Thank you.
-Nothing to thank me for.
-I gotta get going to class tho, I'm sorry. Have a good day... Jessica.
-You too. 
She smiles at him.
Smooth, once again. He will call her, she single... do the rest.

I love Kenz, Haley, and Jeff. Also I love loosing sleep... all the damn time. 
I almost wish I could go back to "the" days, you know what I mean if you know me.
I apologize for my full of suckiness weak blog. 

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