Saturday, October 4, 2008

One day

Um, at panera today, there was a homecoming couple. I was genuinely happy for them.. Something is changing, good or bad, who cares. 
Yesterday I had the club meeting and all of the old and new clubs were there, kinda boring. This guy from the bike club got into a huge argument with the girl from nursing blah blah club because it wasn't open for every student at clark. It was entertaining, he made her cry.. still entertaining. Amanda drew this badass picture of that guy taking punches from everybody, made the thing less boring.  Thanks

I don't really know what to write about...

Come hangout with me at brewed awakenings next week (yea laugh at me Kenz)
Lets go places, anywhere. So far, me and Jeff are going to Orlando for xmas brake.
Somebody go with me to Vancouver sometime soon, I love that place.
Maybe even some east coast action?
That would be lovely

Uhh, make me feel better, I know that sounds needy and annoying, but please.
Nothing else to say, I'm boring, I know. 
Everyone who is reading this should be happy.

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