Sunday, October 5, 2008

Crossing fingers

Stoked on life right now, not raining this week means I get to bike more, way more that is. Also gonna see Kenz and Haley more! Also gonna overcome a big obstacle I had for forever now! Wish me best of luck (few people know what I am talking about). I realized that I got nothing to lose, so might as well try my luck! This is not confidence, just long waited madness! If I don't, you can punch me in the wiener, seriously. Maybe wednesday, maybe tuesday.

So today at brewed. I was sitting across some guy who was hip and shit, on his mac and wearing a hat and shit.  Theres this couple sitting next to us, I assumed they were a couple, both cute and shit like that. The hip guy kept look at the girl and I was like "aren't they together?"
Twenty minutes later the guy who with the girl saw somebody who he knew, and they started taking, and he introduced that girl as his sister. The hip guy had the biggest fucking smile ever when he heard that. The girl looked at him and smiled. What the fuck? That never happens! This is so ridiculously stupid! He gave her his number, I was just sitting there blanking because it happened in like 30 seconds. I'm not even lying. 
Brewed is the place for happiness I guess.


scott lawan said...

people watching is the real "reality tv".

Kenz said...

all these cute things miraculously happen around you... You must be a love-magnite!